how habi works

Comfortably affording your dream home can be a reality. Habi offers you a new way to purchase your home by helping you reach 20% down.

lower your monthly mortgage payment

20% down leads to a smaller loan, a smaller loan means smaller monthly payments.

eliminate PMI

by offering 20% down you avoid paying private mortgage insurance, lowering your monthly
payment even more.

no monthly payments to Habi

we are partners with you, sharing in your home’s appreciation together.

start building equity in your home

owning a home is one of the best ways to build long-term wealth. Habi makes your monthly
payment more affordable.

$400,000 home purchase Loan Amount Principal + Interest Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Monthly Payment
with Habi $320,000 $1,528 $0 $1,528
without Habi $380,000 $1,814 $168 $1,982
$400,000 home purchase
Loan Amount
with habi - $320,000
without habi - $380,000
Principal + Interest
with habi - $1,528
without habi - $1,814
Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
with habi - $0
without habi - $168
Monthly Payment
with habi - $1,528
without habi - $1,982

Monthly Savings


Yearly Savings


Habi gives you up to 15% of the home’s value when you purchase it. When you sell your home, Habi receives its initial investment back, plus a percentage of the amount the home has appreciated. You keep 100% of the savings along the way.

Habi is offered exclusively through Intercap Lending. Let Habi connect you with an Intercap Loan officer to learn how you can lower your monthly payment.